Fan-Powered Face Mask - Motorized Fan Air Purifier Masks are Reusuable with KN95 Mask & PM2.5 Air Filters - NEW ARRIVAL

Aug 06 , 2020

Cindy C

Fan-Powered Face Mask - Motorized Fan Air Purifier Masks are Reusuable with KN95 Mask & PM2.5 Air Filters - NEW ARRIVAL

Lyfy is proud to announce that our Fan-Powered Sports Air Purifier face mask has arrived! 

Fan Face Mask -3-speed Motorized Reusable Cloth Unisex Fresh Air Fan-Powered Masks Introduction:



Fan Motorized Fan Mask Features:

- 3 Speed Motorized Fan

- Built-in battery

- 95% Filter Level

- Adult Size

- Unisex: Male/Female

Fan Sports Mask Link:  LYFY Fan-Powered MASK 

How the Lyfy Fan Mask works:

Lyfy Fan Mask contains miniaturized fresh air module. Relying on the technology of composite electret fiber filtration, it has a filtering efficiency above 99% against PM2.5 particles. Deeply purified fresh air is injected into the mask by the miniaturized fresh-air module with proprietary technology. Through air circulating channel, unhealthy and humid exhaled air are propelled out of the mask. Miniaturized fresh-air module is a comprehensive solution to the shortness of breath and dampness problem from a traditional mask. Lyfy Fan Masks brings you a healthy and comfortable breathing experience.

Lyfy micro air-circulation motor

• made of food-grade PC material, quiet and ultra-thin. • three adjustable modes, the mask has a thin fan with 3 speeds that could be adjusted depending on the need of the user. • 500 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery (same battery technology in smartphones), which lasts 4 to 8 hours depending on how the user cranks up the motor. • lightweight, the whole mask only weights 50.5g.

Lyfy Mask Filtration

• the filtration system of the mask consists of two types of filters. • the first filter is the main filter thats rated to be able to filter out more than 95% of particulate matter >0.3 microns in size, similar to a regular mask. • the second filter is placed inside the micro air-circulation motor, to filter-out the incoming air into the mask. • this filtration is the most crucial part of any motorized facemask, and the Lyfy mask is equipped with the latest filtration technology: the nano-fiber electrostatic electret filtering technology. • despite its tiny and thin size, this filtering technology could achieve PM2.5 filtration efficacy of up to 99%. • this is a very expensive tech which is why a whole pack of new filters costs as much as the entire mask itself.

The Lyfy mask could also be used as a regular respirator mask even if the micro air-circulation motor is turned-off. The motor doesn't even need to be turned-on for the mask to do its function; because in the end of the day, it could still function as a regular mask. Albeit without the comfort and the health benefits of its micro air-circulation, cooling, and air purification motor.

Lyfy Fans Mask Specifications: Color: gray Rate Voltage: DC 5V Rated Power:0.4 w Products Net weight:53g Product Material: polyester fibers, pp Battery Capacity: 600mAh Filter level: 95% Maximum air volume:4.5 CMF USE Environment: 20 degrees belows zero - 50 degrees centigrade

Lyfy Motorized Fan Sports Mask Packing accessories:

- Cloth mask

- fresh air module

- fixed plate,

- filter element cover

- USB Charging Cable

- kn95 mask

- 5 Layer filter element

- User manual

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