Why LyFy

There are several advantages of buying off-the-shelf N95 and surgical facemasks. Even KN95 masks have now been let into the USA by the FDA, due to the shortage of masks. So, cheap masks are good, until there aren’t any more.

Besides the industrial applications that the Lyfy HEPA mask can be used for, it may be a good idea to keep a few Lyfy’s in your bunker just in case the soon to be wet-markets are re-opened and another virus spreads across the World again.

We are in now way trying to scare you, in fact, we would like you to think of the cost-savings you’d save over the lifetime of owning your Lyfy. One HEPA filter can last 500 hours. The average respiratory mask can only be worn for a few hours. So, devide 5 hours by 500 hours and you get 100 masks.

What’s more, HEPA filters filtrate 99.97% of particles. You will need to check if your masks are PM2.5 or not.

Lastly, the fan that powers the HEPA filter also acts to cool the air under your mask. With the Summer months approaching, have a 1650 rpm fan blow oxygen through a tube has got to be more refreshing than have no ventilation.

To recap the Lyfy HEPA Masks Features, we’ll list them here just in case you haven’t seen them yet.

  • Portable HEPA Filtration System

  • Anti-Haze, Anti-Dust, Anti-Virus

  • Protects against Formaldehyde

  • Travel-sized and lightweight 

  • HEPA filtration rate of 99.77% (PM2.5)

  • Low noise, 

  • Large Air Volume (<5 cubic meters per hour)

Here are some of the features of this HEPA filtration system:

- H13 grade HEPA high-efficiency filter material can filter PM2.5 by 99.9% and improve purification efficiency.

- The super filter can be replaced to protect you from poisonous gas, poisonous smoke, smog and so on.

- Three-speed adjustment can freely switch the wind speed, refuse to be stuffy, and breathe more easily and comfortably.

- The three-dimensional non-woven mask fits the face comfortably and can be washed. The soft elastic ear band can freely adjust the elasticity to help achieve a good sealing effect.

- Rechargeable air pump, durable, compact and portable, with long battery life.

The last reason to consider the Lyfy HEPA filter is it can be retrofitted to your own mask. If you use a reusable mask, then this is environmentally friendly.

Thanks for reading and live the Smart Lyfe!

~Lyfy Staff