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  We have worked with love and passion to allow you to be: free to breathe deeply free to exercise and train freely free to express yourself with several mask options We breathe more than 10,000 liters of air every day. But air not only keeps us alive - it also transports a variety of...

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We have worked with love and passion to allow you to be:
  • free to breathe deeply
  • free to exercise and train freely
  • free to express yourself with several mask options

Titles_Have you ever thought of what you breath-

We breathe more than 10,000 liters of air every day. But air not only keeps us alive - it also transports a variety of particles that can be harmful to our health.

Have you ever had an allergic reaction to pollen in the air? Infected yourself during flu season? Do you live in a large city, smelling traffic fumes every day?

Just like food or water, the quality of the air we breathe daily affects our health and well being. In our ever more crowded environment, air quality has constantly decreased.

This is why we created SportsMask, built on the vision to create a world where everyone can breathe clean and healthy air. We believe that people who want to breathe healthy, should have a reliable and fashionable way to do so.

sports mask global threat

Titles_Problem with existing masks

Drawbacks of Existing Masks

drawbacks of current face masks - sportsmask

Each of these mask types suffers from the following three issues.

Poor face seals: Existing masks don't always achieve an adequate seal on the face, resulting in decreased protection [1]

High waste and cost: N95 masks are intended to be changed regularly, which is inconvenient and expensive in many use cases

Scalability of manufacturing: Face masks cannot be produced fast enough to meet the demands of both the health care system and general public

Cotton masks often have leakage problems and filter only twelve percent of pollution particles, Disposable masks have leakage problems and they are uncomfortable to wear.

face mask air leakage - problems with masksAir Leakage is very common for disposable masks.

The Problem

9 out of 10 people now breathe air containing high levels of pollution. Updated estimates reveal an alarming death toll of 7 million people every year due to outdoor and house air pollution.


the problem with air pollution and face masks

Air pollution, dusty neighborhood, contaminated environment... you need to wear a  mask. But do all anti-air pollution air filter masks or face masks ensure the same level of protection?

In order for a face mask to be effective, it needs to be well sealed, and dense enough to filter out tiny particles as small as 0.1μm. While large amounts of pollution are visible to the naked eye (eg. smoke), they are still present in harmful quantities when not visible.

Introducing SportsMask: Superior Airflow & Breathing Protection

icons design_Sports Mask Icon Set The SportsMask addresses the problems with existing masks and offers clear advantages over competitive options. These benefits include:

  •  High-Efficiency Filters: 99% protection from contaminants down to .1 micron for normal breathing rates
  •  Reduced Cost & Waste: Scalable filter technology reduces waste and cost
  •  Durable, Reusable Design: Easily cleanable design provides years of use
  • Retrofit your own preferred mask to the SportsMask air purifer system!

SportsMask Airflow Fan PM2.5 HEPA Filter Face Mask - How it Works?

SportsMask is an adjustable airflow oxygen tube mask connected to a HEPA PM2.5 air filter, Sports Masks' 3-speed fan enables easy breathing and refreshing purified air.

Retrofit Lyfy Sports Mask to your reusable cloth or respiratory face masks. Wear running, biking, jogging, playing sports or in gym. lyfy airflow diagram - cleaned  

3-Speed Fan-powered HEPA PM2.5 Air Filtration Mask

Sports Mask is a portable 3-speed fan-powered HEPA Filter system that purifies air by 99.97% PM2.5 and feeds cleaned air into face mask. Retrofit to reusable masks. retrofit sportsmask to your own mask

Why wear the SportsMask?

The SportsMask air filtration system purifies PM2.5 by 99.97% with its H13 grade HEPA filter. The filter is replaceable and this venting mask system protect you from poisonous gas, smog, smoke, germs.

The Pre-Filter effectively traps and reduces large sized allergens, dust, and particles.

Traps and reduces :
Dust mites
Large particles
Pet hair

girl biking Titles_SportsMask Features Why the SportsMask?

  •  Easy, cool breathing with powerful fan
  •  Exercise or commute freely - tube is long and flexible
  • 6-8 hours on a single charge at fastest fan level; 12 hours on low fan level 
  • 500 hours of usage per HEPA filter
  • Retrofit to your own cloth face mask 
  • Light-weight - lighter than heavy duty masks 
  • Filters PM2.5 by 99.97% 
  • 3 Adjustable fan speeds 
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Comes with armband strap, exercise lanyard & velcro adhesive patch

edited text lyfy sportsmask wear in the hot summer weather

Wear the SportsMask Air Purification Ventilation Mask while commuting to work, biking or exercising in the gym. fan, box, mask SportsMask HEPA filter Features:

H13 grade HEPA high-efficiency filter material can filter PM2.5 by 99.97% and improve purification efficiency. The super filter can be replaced to protect you from poisonous gas, poisonous smoke, smog and so on.

Replaceable H13 HEPA Filters

  • Blocks 99.97% of air particulates
  • Average use time is 150 hours
  • High Quality, Multi-Fold design

N95 < N99 < H13 HEPA Filters

You may have heard the term N95. This simply means 95% of air particles are being captured. At the higher end of the spectrum, N99 (99%) masks are offered for more industrial applications such as painting or waste cleanup.

Moving one step further SportsMasks', H13 HEPA filters block 99.97% of particles which are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger. To give you a bit of context, one strand of human hair is about 75 microns across!

h13 filters keep the germs out

Our high-end H13 HEPA filters use melt-blown, nonwoven fabrics, to block harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses, pollen, pollutants, smoke, micro-dust, odor and more

Our H13 grade filter offer protection against a multitude of hazardous air pollutants.

sportsmask protects against pollution Titles_SportsMask Specs SportsMask Specifications

Portable HEPA Filtration System
Anti-Haze, Anti-Dust, etc
Protects against Formaldehyde
Travel-sized and lightweight
PM2.5 HEPA filtration rate of 99.97%
Low noise level; around 27-33 dB(A) depending on fan speed
Large Air Volume (<5 cubic meters per hour)
6-8 hours on a single charge at fastest fan level; 12 hours on low fan level
500 hours of usage per HEPA filter
HEPA filter pack tube can be retrofitted to your own face mask.
Light-weight - lighter than heavy duty masks
Can filter PM2.5 by 99.97%
Adjustable fan speed
Rechargeable battery

Aiflow per cubic meter:

lyfy specs

LYFY DIAGRAM Titles_Who is SportsMask for- Who can use the SportsMask? 

Onsite Work: Welders, Miners, Renovation workers

Hospitals: Doctors, Nurses, Respiratory patients

Sports Athletes: Running, Cycling, Fitness & Exercise

Anti-Pollution: Outdoors, Indoors, In-vehicle

Is the SportsMask right for me?

SportsMask is designed to provide excellent protection to those who are most at risk from airborne contaminants, whether due to increased environmental exposure or preexisting conditions. People who may benefit from improved protection include:

is sports training mask for me

SportsMasks are  not recommended for those who need protection against oil-based particles or chemical vapors.

lyfy sportsmask who is it for

Whether you are cycling, exercising, commuting or in an area that has a lot of pollution, you can rest assured with the SportsMask. Sports Face Mask - HEPA Filter Mask - Sports Exercise Masks 3-speed motorized fan - h13 HEPA filters - ventilating facemask_Lyfy-Mask

SportsMask's HEPA filter box has a battery charge level indicator. The box is charged via USB and can last 6-12 hours on a single charge depending on the fan speed you choose.

Titles_Accessories accessoriesSportsMask comes with all the accessories you need including: USB cable, air tube, 2 masks, lanyard strap, H13 filter, battery and velcro adhesive patch.

EXCLUSIVE: Only Indiegogo SportsMasks with also come with a free exercise armband! ($9 value)


Titles_SportsMask vs Other Masks - Fight!

comparison chart_Sports Mask Comparison Chart

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Wanna reusable mask option that can be retrofitted to the SportMask?  Looking for a more simple breathable exercise mask solution? 

icons design_Fan MAsk Icon Set Introducing FanMask - the Fan-powered Airflow Mask.

New black FanMask with adjustable airflow. This fan-powered mask has a PM2.5 HEPA Filter that filters air at 99.98%. In short, this mask keeps all the bad things out.


The Pre-Filter effectively traps and reduces large sized allergens, dust, and particles.

Traps and reduces :

Dust mites
Large particles
Pet hair

Filter out all the bad stuff!

This motorized fan-powered FanMask has 2-speeds so you can control the airflow according to how hard you are running, exercising, training, or if it just too hot outside! lyfy sports mask - training mask Titles_FanMask Features FanMask Features

  • 2-speed Fan
  • 95% Filtration
  • USB charged (internal battery)
  • Adult Size
  • Male/Female
  • Optional Filters - buy additional filters as add-ons during checkout.Lyfy sports mask - HEPA filter 2-speed fan smart mask

Why wear the FanMask?

  • Activated carbon filter: Porous design provides good permeability. The activated carbon layer can effectively remove dust, odor or harmful gases. Removable filter, convenient, clean and hygienic.
  • Powerful protection function: The mask with activated carbon filter can block more than 99% of 0.1 particles, such as dust, pollen, car exhaust, smoke, smoke, gas, harmful substances, suitable for 4 seasons.
  • Unique ventilation design: Double air valve helps you breathe more easily and freely when riding a bicycle.
  • Lightweight respirator: The mask can be folded and easily fits in your pocket. According to the face design, the lower part of the nose bridge is blocked out, and the nose bridge is fixed with an aluminum plate to prevent sliding.
  • Versatile: This mask is suitable for all outdoor sports and activities such as running, walking, cycling, motorcycle, skiing, snowboarding, paintball shooting, cleaning, carpentry, painting and mowing

lyfy training mask - fan powered sportsmask

sportsmask hepa filter training mask

sportsmask fan module

FanMask Specs

Module: Fresh air filter module
Filtration efficiency: 99.98% (particulate matter above 0.3 microns)
Battery capacity: 500MAH
Input voltage: 5V
Maximum fan volume: 4.5CMF
Maximum noise: 27DBA
Features: Intelligent fresh air active air supply
Fan air volume: third gear
Charging time: about 2H
Life time: high speed 4H, medium speed 6H, low speed 8H
Product color: black Titles_Who is FanMask For- sports training mask airflow HEPA filter fan face mask
who is the sportsmask training mask for Titles_Accessories What comes with the FanMask?
  • Fanmask 
  • Inner  mask 
  • Fan module 
  • Filter element 
  • Manual
  • USB Charging cable 

Note: Add-on additional filters and inner masks during checkout.

fan-powered mask sportsmask

Titles_FanMask vs. Other Masks - Fight!

comparison chart_Fan Mask Comparison Chart

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Wanna cheaper but n95-grade filter mask? Wanna retrofit a reusuable mask to your SportsMask?

icons design_Training Mask lyfy label Titles_TrainingMask Features TrainingMask Features: 

▶️ Optional 5-layer filter - add-on filters during checkout
▶️ Comfortable Design (designed in USA)
▶️ Adjustable ear band - One size fits all
▶️ Breathable Fabric - comfortable when exercising or commuting
▶️ Metal noseband & foam nose bridge for tighter fit
▶️ Retrofit to the SportsMask oxygen tube


Foam nose bridge and metal band for tighter fit. Adustable earband - one-size fits all.


TrainingMask with adjustable ear loops.

Optional 5-layer N95-grade Training Mask filter



inside filter of sports training mask rpt

Select the plain style or "Pug Luv" style during checkout. 


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perk button_Training Mask Early Bird Titles_Production Status TrainingMask Production Status - Ready to ship 1-2 weeks after campaign finishes.

The SportsMask is now live on Indiegogo - Save on the bundles SportsMask Bundles 

If you don't want to wait for November delivery, you can check out on and we'll ship out immediately.


trainingMask face mask production

Titles_Perk Packages_wps图片

perk posters_Sport Mask Super Early Bird perk posters_Sports Mask Early Bird perk posters_Sports Mask Early Bird Duo perk posters_Sports Mask Family Pack perk posters_Sports Mask+Training Mask+Extra Filters perk posters_Fan Mask Early Bird perk posters_Fan Mask Family Pack perk posters_Training Mask Early Bird perk posters_Training Mask + 10 filters perk posters_Training Mask + 50 Filters

Titles_Shipping Guarantee

Shipping Guarantee 

SportsMask and FanMask have already been produced and are ready to ship. SportsMask and FanMask will ship as soon as the campaign ends.

We've already made a sample production run for TrainingMask. All campaign backer ordres should ship out around 2-3 weeks after the campaign ends.

You can upgrade to express DHL shipping during checkout. Select the DHL upgrade add-on. DHL takes 6-10 days on average. Regular Worldwideshipping will take around 2-3 weeks to deliver.

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stretch goals-01 We use Kickbooster for affiliates and referral compensation.

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The SportsMask, Airflow Oxygen Ventilation Training Masks is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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